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Klaric releases high voltage measurement module for EVs

Klaric, a provider of measurement and inspection technology, has announced the KLARI-QUAD2 measurement module for EVs and hybrids. The KLARI-QUAD2 provides galvanic isolation of 1,500 volts DC to enable current, voltage, and temperature measurements in EVs.

The KLARI-QUAD2 includes an Auto-Range function to automatically use the best input range for a measured signal. It can also automatically switch the sampling rate when a threshold is exceeded or undershot. The KLARI-QUAD2 includes functions for calculating the average, moving average, RMS, frequency, power, and work of AC and DC signals.

Klaric’s HVI/U-COMBI-PROBE allows for current and voltage to be measured simultaneously on a single input. The KLARI-QUAD2 recognizes when a Klaric probe is plugged in and reads out the probe type and calibration values.


Source: Klaric

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