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Hillcrest Energy’s new bidirectional onboard EV charger

Hillcrest Energy Technologies has filed a patent application for “a simplified EV charging solution” that offers universal, backward-compatible, bidirectional (V2X) charging capabilities. The company’s goal is to name a launch partner and begin proof-of-concept validation in 2023. Hillcrest says an EV using its solution would no longer require an onboard charger, which would reduce the… Read more »

Hillcrest says its high-frequency inverter boosts efficiency

Inverter and control system company Hillcrest Energy Technologies has announced the results of efficiency testing on its proof-of-concept 10 kW inverter. In testing with an 80 kW motor, the company says testing at 20 kHz, 40 kHz and 60 kHz revealed an improvement of efficiency at each increased frequency level. “Combined with our existing test… Read more »