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Evatran forms joint venture to bring Plugless wireless charging to Chinese EV market

Evatran Group has formed a joint venture with Chinese auto parts manufacturer Zhejiang VIE to market the Plugless wireless EV charging system in China. Plugless is expected to be in series production and commercially available with a China-based OEM by 2017. The Plugless system went on sale in the US and Canada in 2014. It… Read more »

Chinese auto parts giant invests $1.6 million in wireless charging pioneer Evatran

Evatran, the developer of the Plugless wireless Level 2 charging system, has received a strategic investment of $1.6 million from Zhejiang VIE, a Chinese Tier 1 auto parts supplier. The investment is the first phase of a partnership between the two companies to introduce wireless charging to China, potentially the world’s largest EV market. Evatran… Read more »

Evatran wireless EV charging system goes on sale with special promotional pricing

2014 will be the year that EVs go wireless. Evatran will begin deliveries of its PLUGLESS wireless charging system in February. In partnership with Bosch, which provides installation services, the company has announced special promotional pricing to the first 250 customers – $1,998 for the Volt-compatible system and $2,098 for the LEAF-compatible system, which represents… Read more »

The infrastructure behind the infrastructure: Bosch invests in EVSE

Bosch is taking the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) market very seriously, investing heavily in the infrastructure behind the infrastructure One of dozens of indicators that suggest plug-in vehicles are here to stay is that companies like Bosch – the multinational engineering and electronics powerhouse – are jockeying for an early lead in the charging… Read more »

What’s up with wireless EV charging

Wireless charging is one of the hottest topics in the EV world these days. Several companies have systems on the path to commercial availability. Evatran has plans to sell aftermarket systems that will work with popular plug-in models such as the LEAF and the Volt. Qualcomm is using its London trial as a test bed… Read more »