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Canada to end new gas and diesel vehicle sales in 2035

The dominoes are falling. Several regions of the world, including the UK, California and Massachusetts, have announced proposals to phase out ICE vehicle sales by 2035, and now Canada has followed suit, bringing its previous goal of 100 percent EV sales by 2040 forward by 5 years. (The provinces of British Columbia and Quebec have… Read more »

Bipartisan infrastructure deal includes $15 billion in EV charging and electric bus funding

After weeks of back-and-forth on the infrastructure bill, President Joe Biden announced, “We have a deal,” standing with a group of Republicans and Democrats after a meeting in the Oval Office. “I think it’s really important we’ve all agreed that none of us got all that we wanted.” EV advocates certainly aren’t going to get… Read more »

Bipartisan infrastructure proposal includes a new federal tax on EVs (updated)

EV experts have waxed ecstatic about President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, which would include up to $174 billion in funding to boost EV adoption. However, given the political situation in the US Senate, it’s becoming apparent that this proposal is unlikely to become law. Now the talk in Washington is of a “bipartisan compromise,” which… Read more »

Report: California needs 1.2 million EV chargers by 2030

A new analysis from the California Energy Commission (CEC) predicts that the state will need nearly 1.2 million public and shared chargers by 2030 to meet the demands of the 7.5 million passenger plug-in vehicles expected to be on California roads at that time. Assembly Bill 2127, “Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Assessment,” examines charging needs… Read more »

Texas fails to change dealership law—Tesla still can’t sell directly to state residents

For almost a decade now, Tesla has been fighting state governments for the right to sell its vehicles directly to customers—something which has historically been prohibited in most US states. Texas is one of the states that still forbids direct sales, so residents have had to resort to a workaround some call the “Texas two-step.”… Read more »

California environmental lawyer forecasts the future of state and federal emissions regulations

Q&A with environmental lawyer Maureen Gorsen California has led the nation in the fight against air pollution. The state has consistently implemented clean-air rules that are stricter than those imposed at the federal level, including the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate, which requires automakers to produce a certain number of electric vehicles. The Trump administration attempted… Read more »

Former EPA exec surveys the road ahead for US emissions standards

Q&A with former EPA exec Margo Oge Federal emissions and fuel economy regulations have been instrumental in encouraging (or coercing) automakers to produce EVs, and to make their legacy vehicles cleaner. Since President Nixon signed the Clean Air Act in 1963, federal regulations aimed at reducing air pollution have gradually grown stronger. Under President Obama,… Read more »

Minnesota to become the next Clean Car state

In 2019, Minnesota announced plans to join the 14 states that enforce their own strict vehicle emissions standards. Now an administrative law judge has given the proposed policy a green light, ruling that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) can move forward with plans to adopt the Clean Cars Minnesota program. The program will go… Read more »

Washington state bill to phase out ICEs by 2030 ready for governor’s signature

In March, the state of Washington one-upped EV trendsetter California with a proposal to phase out gas-burning cars by 2030—five years earlier than the Golden State’s proposed ban. Washington’s legislature has now passed Clean Cars 2030, part of a larger bill (E2SHB 1287) that directs the state’s utilities to prepare for all-electric transportation. Unlike California… Read more »