Michigan’s Governor Whitmer directs state government vehicle fleet to go electric by 2040

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed an executive directive requiring the state government to convert its fleet of cars and trucks to zero-emission vehicles by 2040.

Michigan state agencies currently own more than 8,000 vehicles, and the governor’s office says only three (!) of them are EVs.

Under the new directive, Michigan government agencies must develop policies “to promote the immediate use” of zero-emission vehicles such as EVs or fuel cell vehicles. Light-duty vehicles would have to be converted to zero-emission vehicles by 2033, and medium- and heavy-duty vehicles would have to be converted by 2040.

The directive allows for exceptions “for specific state fleet vehicles.” However, “exceptions shall be disfavored and, when requesting an exception, the requesting agency shall consider alternate decarbonization strategies for reducing fleet emissions, including, but not limited to, biofuels and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.”

Whitmer has aggressively pursued EV manufacturing projects in her second term. She recently signed legislation that will impose a new 100% clean energy standard for utilities by 2040.

“Michigan automakers are on the cutting edge of the world’s switch to zero-emission vehicles, and with today’s executive directive to transition our state-owned fleet by 2040, the State of Michigan is leading by example,” said Governor Whitmer.

Shawn Fain, President of the United Auto Workers, praised the new policy. “We encourage the state to purchase union-made EVs for all state vehicles, giving America’s autoworkers their fair share of this historic moment for the American auto industry,” he said.

Source: Detroit News

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