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Circontrol supplies 400 kW charging stations to new Madrid charging hub

Spanish EV charger manufacturer Circontrol has launched its first 400 kW DC fast charger, the Raption 400. The company will install several of these at a new urban charging hub in the center of Madrid. As far as we’re aware, 350 kW chargers are the highest-power car chargers in widespread use, so this would appear… Read more »

Madrid transit agency orders 50 electric buses from Irizar and BYD

The city of Madrid has confirmed plans to phase out all diesel buses. By January 2023, the Spanish capital’s entire fleet will be made up of electric, natural gas and hybrid buses. Transit agency Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (EMT) ordered 30 BYD electric buses last September. Now EMT has awarded a tender for… Read more »

Spanish city of Valencia pilots public chargers in lampposts

Cities in Europe and elsewhere are being forced to come up with some innovative public charging solutions. Faced with the task of providing charging to residents who do not have assigned parking spaces, they need chargers that can be installed in large numbers throughout city centers, without consuming valuable space on already-crowded streets and sidewalks…. Read more »