Circontrol supplies 400 kW charging stations to new Madrid charging hub

Spanish EV charger manufacturer Circontrol has launched its first 400 kW DC fast charger, the Raption 400. The company will install several of these at a new urban charging hub in the center of Madrid. As far as we’re aware, 350 kW chargers are the highest-power car chargers in widespread use, so this would appear to be something of a milestone.

The new Canalejas 360 charging hub, located in an indoor car park near the Plaza de Canalejas, consists of twelve DC fast chargers: four 400 kW units; four 200 kW machines; and four 50 kW rigs. It was recently inaugurated in a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Madrid and other dignitaries.

Circontrol CEO Joan Hinojo explains that the new charging hub provides plenty of power, as the high density of EVs in the capital requires fast vehicle rotation. “With the installation of the four Raption 400s in Canalejas, the company has demonstrated its ability to keep pace with the market that increasingly demands more powerful and faster chargers. At Circontrol we are committed to [high-power] charging, but we do not forget that slow charging [is needed] in other environments such as domestic, business or leisure, and that is why we develop charging solutions for all of them.”

In 2021, Circontrol launched several new fast charging products: the eVolve Rapid range, the Raption 150 Compact, and the Raption 350 HPC. The company also offers a “fast multi-charging system,” which provides centralized power in order to reduce installation costs.

Source: Circontrol


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