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Battery testing firms Digatron and Safion partner for sales and product integration

Power electronics company Digatron has entered into a strategic partnership with battery assessment and diagnosis technology firm Safion. Digatron says it will rely on its established network to support growth in Safion’s global sales, and will integrate its products with Safion’s. Current Safion customers include automakers, aviation firms, consumer electronics companies, cell manufacturers and research… Read more »

Digatron and DSA launch end-of-line tester for lithium battery production

Digatron and DSA have designed a solution for end-of-line testing for lithium battery production.  The two companies developed a modular end-of-line test solution that allows customers to select pre-defined test regime modules per their requirements. Battery EOL Tester supports the entire workflow of EOL testing by offering customized communication and testing solutions, including electrical test,… Read more »

Digatron launches new lithium pouch cell assembly division in Italy

Digatron Power Electronics recently created a mechanical division called Digatron Systems. Located in Italy, the unit will concentrate on lithium pouch cell assembly equipment, offering one-stop solutions to battery producers.  Digatron Systems aims to provide a fusion between mechanical and electronics technology to offer battery manufacturers tailored solutions for cell production, formation, and module assembly…. Read more »