Zapinamo’s new Hubz line of charging stations uses battery storage to reduce charging time

UK-based Zapinamo has developed a new charging system that uses battery storage to “power boost” a domestic electric grid connection and reduce charging time.

According to Zapinamo, a typical home charger adds 4 miles of charge in 30 minutes, whereas the new Hubz unit can add 50 miles in 30 minutes.

The Hubz product range is a modular system, designed to expand its capabilities as typical charging power levels increase.

The Hubz base unit can use a “community energy model” to distribute energy among several chargers.

The Streethubz unit is designed for commercial depots, where its energy storage capability can boost charging rates without the need for costly substation upgrades.

The Parkhubz unit is ergonomically designed to fit into the corner of a parking spot, taking up a minimal amount of space.


Source: Zapinamo