WAVE demonstrates 250 kW wireless en route charging for e-buses

WAVE Wireless Charging2

WAVE (Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification) has demonstrated a 250 kW Wireless Power Transfer System prototype. The company will deliver the new charging system to the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) in California later this year.

WAVE’s technology transfers power from a charging pad embedded in the pavement to a receiving pad mounted on the vehicle’s undercarriage seven to eight inches above. The system allows AVTA’s electric buses to charge during layovers as passengers board and disembark. This “top-off” charge capability extends the effective range of an e-bus, or it can allow a bus to operate with a smaller battery pack.

“This is yet another important step in AVTA’s push to go completely zero-emission by 2018,” said AVTA Board Chairman Marvin Crist. “The acquisition of these chargers strengthens the infrastructural foundations that will allow our fleet to seamlessly complete any route within our service area. The example that AVTA is setting will form a blueprint that any transit agency looking to go completely zero-emission can follow.”


Source: WAVE

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  • Олег Лян

    Do they supply electricity from combustion plant?

    • Øyvind Lunde

      And Solar, Hydro, Wind, Atomic What ever… No excuse to use ICE in cars and buses . More end more electricity will come from non fossil fuels in the years to come 😉

    • Asher Kaufman

      Watt does it matter?

  • howardpatr

    Trump, the sufferer of malignant narcissim, will try to see to it that this work comes to an end.

  • Stuart McColl

    The scam of Wireless Charging continues. No such operational units have ever survived installation in the wild. The DOE continues to wish physics and God would change … but neither is moveable … right ? Millions or Billions can’t change the laws of physics. Charles Morris refuses to print the truth.