Unimi’s equipment-neutral foundation for EV charging stations

Sweden’s Östfold County has partnered with local startup Unimi Solutions to expand its network of public EV charging infrastructure. The county’s goal is to have 20% of public parking sites equipped or enabled for EV charging.

Unimi’s 1Base product family, which has been in development since 2010, provides a foundation that’s interoperable with all ground-mounted EV charging stations. It’s designed to simplify installation to deliver cost savings and environmental benefits, and to ensure full flexibility.

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“The Unimi base is an equipment-neutral solution on which any charging station model may be fitted, giving us the option to use any supplier, and making us compliant with EU public procurement regulations,” says Östfold County Industry Advisor for Climate and Energy Joakim Sveli. “Our experience is that charging station installation can be costly. Unimi 1Base gives us the flexibility to conduct construction and cabling work at sites in combination with landscaping and other work and has delivered us cost savings up to 60% compared to installing charging stations one at a time.”


Source: Unimi Solutions


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