UL certifies Lumen Group’s wireless charging system

Product safety watchdog UL has certified Lumen Group’s wireless EV power transfer system to the UL 2750 standard (Outline of Investigation for Wireless Power Transfer Equipment for Electric Vehicles).

The Lumen Freedom wireless power transfer system uses resonant inductive magnetic coupling between a ground-mounted transmitting pad and a vehicle-mounted receiving pad to charge with no wires, and no physical contact between the vehicle and the charger.

Lumen Group worked with UL’s engineers and lab technicians to test the safety and performance of its wireless charging equipment, including the power source, the ground pad assembly and the attached vehicle assembly.

“With EV sales expected to exceed gas powered vehicle sales by 2030, the demand for revolutionary technologies that can be used to recharge electric vehicle batteries, such as wireless power transfer systems, will continue to grow,” said Joseph Bablo, Principal Engineer Manager for Energy Systems and e-Mobility at UL.

“Innovative technological solutions are pushing EV infrastructure to do more and faster than before,” said Jeff Smidt, VP of Energy and Power Technologies at UL. “For UL, safety is the foundational element of any successful and sustainable technological deployment.”

Source: UL


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