Turntide Technologies to offer powertrains for commercial and industrial EVs

Motor maker Turntide Technologies plans to launch a battery and powertrain product line designed for off-highway, autonomous guided, construction, truck, bus, marine and rail applications.

Turntide Electrification products include the lithium-ion Hyperdrive battery system, inverters, stackable motor systems, pumps, fans and DC-DC converters. UK-based heavy-equipment manufacturer JCB uses the Hyperdrive battery system in its 19C-1 E-Tech mini-excavator, 1TE site dumper and HTD5E dumpster.

“Partnering closely with our customers’ engineering teams allows us to optimize the electrification system to suit their specific performance and efficiency needs,” says Senior VP of Turntide’s Transport business unit Chris Pennison. “This also allows us to deliver solutions in less time than once thought possible.”

Turntide Technologies’ customers include Hitachi Rail, Limach and RS Sailing. The company operates several manufacturing plants in the UK.

Source: Turntide Technologies


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