Terbine aims to synchronize EVs, charging stations and utilities

Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Terbine has announced a new initiative designed to intelligently synchronize EVs, charging stations and electric utilities. The system is based on the company’s cloud-based platform, TerbineLink.

The idea is that EVs share their locations and states of charge via the cellular network to an automaker or fleet operator’s cloud system, which feeds the data to TerbineLink. In parallel, chargers share their statuses, and TerbineLink uses machine learning technology to correlate vehicle movements and battery levels with data about charging station availability and electricity rates. The system then sends a list of operational chargers currently available to a driver to the vehicle’s infotainment system. TerbineLink can also inform EV drivers as to which charging stations are powered with renewable electricity, and enable vehicle-to-grid and edge storage management.

Terbine is currently testing its system in a proof-of-concept trial in Las Vegas.

TerbineLink is also designed to help utilities manage the sudden loads caused by groups of DC fast chargers. The system can monitor the states of charge of commercial EVs, and predict which vehicles are likely to charge soon, and where. It sends this imminent charging load information to the local utility, which can then load-balance the grid to ensure that sufficient energy is available.

Terbine is inviting car and truck manufacturers, fleet operators, EVSE manufacturers, charging networks, electric utilities and government agencies to participate in the TerbineLink system. A wide variety of interfaces are available, supporting open-source protocols and standards. The underlying TerbineLink software platform is also available under platform-as-a-service licenses for use by charging network operators.

“The available charging options for drivers continue to grow rapidly, but are highly fragmented, resulting in friction and frustrating charging experiences,” said Board Member Jamie Allison. “I see Terbine addressing this situation with its intelligent platform that is designed to achieve a frictionless charging environment that cuts across all customer types and stakeholders, including OEMs, charging providers, municipalities and utilities, while adding to the resiliency of the electrical grid.”

Source: Terbine


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