Swiss logistics firm puts Designwerk’s 420 kW Mega Charger into operation

Designwerk Technologies, based in Winterthur, Switzerland, has developed a DC fast charging station for commercial EVs that’s packaged in a container format. Now, after a development phase of around two years, the company has officially put its first Stationary Battery Backed Mega Charger (SBC) into operation, with Swiss logistics provider Galliker Transport, a century-old family-run firm.

The SBC is a combined storage and charging solution that can be equipped with a total storage capacity of up to 2,000 kWh. The battery packs are replenished with self-generated solar power.

Galliker’s solution contains four battery packs with a total capacity of 1,000 kWh. It’s equipped with two CCS charging points, each with an output of 420 kilowatts DC.

The SBC is capable of charging at rates of up to 1.05 MW, and is compatible with the new Megawatt Charging System (MCS) standard. As soon as MCS standardization is complete, MCS charging ports will be available for both original equipment and retrofitting.

Galliker has integrated the SBC into its local microgrid, which is part of a coop that combines the solar production of several properties (known in Switzerland as a ZEV). An energy management system controls the storage systems and enables load shifting and peak shaving.

“By using the battery-backed charging station, we can use the solar power produced during the day to efficiently charge our electric commercial vehicles around the clock,” said Felix Felder, Head of Fleet Management at Galliker. “The Mega Charger can contribute to the stability of our site grid by smoothing out peak loads.”

“The commissioning of the Mega Charger at Galliker is an important milestone in the development of future-proof charging infrastructure for heavy-duty vehicles,” said Thorben Maier, Head of Sales and Charging Technology Customer Service at Designwerk. “Our technology enables logistics companies to cover a wide range of charging scenarios sustainably, and the buffer storage relieves the load on the power grid.”

The Volvo Group has held a stake in Designwerk since 2021.

Source: Designwerk

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