Sun Country Highway to deploy ABB dual-port fast chargers


Canadian charging operator Sun Country Highway has announced a partnership with ABB, and will add the EVSE giant’s 400-volt DC dual-port chargers to its network, which already includes hundreds of Level 2 charging stations.

“We plan to move ahead with 20 or more installations this year,” said Christopher Misch, Vice President of Sun Country Highway. “Quick charging is well known to help EV owners get farther more quickly, while also minimizing range concerns that potential and future EV drivers may have when making a decision about purchasing an electric vehicle.”

“DC fast chargers are very complimentary to existing charging infrastructure,” added Misch. “Studies show that 80‐90% of electric vehicle charging is done at home or at the workplace. But to make interstate travel more realistic, faster charging is imperative.” Locations targeted for the new DC charging stations include shopping malls and highway service centers.        

“We love the versatility of dual-port CHAdeMO and SAE Combo that ABB brings to the table because it means that no EV with DC charging capability is left out of the picture,” said Misch. “Whether someone owns a Mitsubishi iMiEV, Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S, BMW i3, or any other EV coming to market, we will have a charging solution to get drivers to 80% state of charge in about 25 minutes.”   


Source: Sun Country Highway

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