Sun Country Highway execs drive coast to coast to demonstrate new charging network

Sun Country Highway has installed Level 2 chargers every 100 to 200 kilometers along the Trans Canada Highway.


Sun Country Highway (SCH) a Canadian provider of EV charging equipment, is promoting what it calls the longest, greenest highway in the world. In collaboration with some 80 businesses and tourism destinations, SCH has installed Level 2 chargers every 100 to 200 kilometers along the Trans Canada Highway, which stretches clear across the country, from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia.


The network consists of over 100 charging stations, and is free to use. To demonstrate the new public network, company President Kent Rathwell and Vice President Christopher Misch will spend a month driving a Tesla Roadster from coast to coast, charging and publicizing all the way.


“We can now say that we have partnered with corporate and small business owners in every Province from coast to coast,” said Kent Rathwell. “We have embarked on this project to help raise awareness on the capabilities of electric vehicles as efficient and exciting vehicles to drive. Our objectives are not only to reduce carbon emissions but to show the world how renewable energies combined with sustainable forms of transportation can be the stimulus for the next industrial revolution.”


Source: Sun Country Highway

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