SolarEdge’s new integrated photovoltaic inverter and EV charger

SolarEdge Technologies, a provider of photovoltaic inverters, power optimizers, and module-level monitoring services, has unveiled an inverter-integrated EV charger. According to the company, its new HD-Wave inverter, combined with an EV charger, offers cost savings on hardware and labor by eliminating the need for an additional conduit, wiring, and dedicated circuit breaker.

The EV charger is embedded into SolarEdge’s HD-Wave inverter and leverages its “solar boost” mode, which uses both grid and PV-generated power to charge at 9.6 kW (40 Amps). If PV power is not available, the inverter-charger uses grid power to charge at 7.6 kW (32 Amps).

The new inverter-integrated EV charger, which comes with a 12-year warranty, is expected to be available in the last quarter of 2017.

“SolarEdge is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for increasing the use of renewable energy and cost savings for our customers and end users,” said Guy Sella, CEO of SolarEdge. “Adding EV charging to our growing range of products further enables system owners to easily manage their energy needs.”


Source: SolarEdge

  • Marty Poutry

    What’s the upcharge for adding the hardware. It saves on wiring & installation but at what cost? Also, inverters don’t last forever, they’re actually the piece of the PV system that would need replacing in the lifecycle of the array. Is the EV charge portion able to be kept at that point? I’ve yet to hear that EVSE’s have a relatively short life span.

  • Dennis Worley

    Great work!

  • Guest

    Sounds very interesting. I’ll have to investigate further.

  • Pat Campbell

    I prefer microinverters, one per panel. This optimizes each panel and separates that circuit from my EV charger’s. If there is a problem you can isolate it rapidly to either the charger’s circuit or the solar array’s. It safer as well to have the mircroinverters converting the DC current to 240 AC at the panel level. My guess is its also more energy efficient as well.

  • reddwarf2956