Siemens Mobility launches new high-power DC charger and contactless payment system

Siemens Mobility launched two new additions to its portfolio of charging solutions at the recent Cenex-LCV exhibition in the UK.

The company says its new “ultra-fast” HV charger is capable of fully re-charging the latest long-range EVs in less than 15 minutes. The system uses the CCS fast charging standard, and features a liquid-cooled cable and built-in communications (3G, 4G, LAN and Wi-Fi). The modular charger is expandable in 160 kW increments.

Siemens also showed off a new contactless payment system that offers a subscription-free, pay-as-you-go option for public chargers. Suitable for retrofitting to existing chargers or as a new installation, the system includes robust security features, and is compatible with the UK’s leading contactless payment providers and with major credit and debit cards.


Source: Siemens Mobility


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