Seaward launches handheld EVSE diagnostic tool

Seaward EV110

The Seaward Group has introduced a new diagnostic tool for validation and fault finding on all types of EV charging and supply equipment.

The handheld EV110 tester can perform a number of tests to ensure that a charger is operating correctly and safely, in accordance with the SAE J1772 standard.

The lightweight, handheld EV110 simulates all the most commonly used charging cable ratings. It tests output voltage, maximum available charging current, ground loop impedance and GFCI trip time. It also simulates a number of vehicle faults and measures the EVSE response, including disconnection time and the amplitude, frequency and duty cycle of the PWM signal.

Detailed diagnostic data can be transferred to an Android app using NFC wireless communications and sent to a specialist engineer or head office location for remote fault diagnosis.


Source: Seaward Group

  • jstack6

    OK To test this new unit lets have you test the We have tested it and it works with most electrics but not most LEAF vehicles. It jumps right to charge finished????? even if the LEAF is only half charged. A few plugin hybrids also fail but I don’t have that list yet.

    • Mark Barron, Seaward Group USA

      I’ve not come across any AC charge station yet that we’ve not been able to test. Contact me at the office on 813-886-2775 or cell 813-731-1033 and we can go from there.

  • jstack6

    By the way does your test show the voltage and amps from the EVSE as well as what the car is requesting like my EVSE Spy that I use to check public charging locations?

    • Mark Barron, Seaward Group USA

      Yes, it captures the voltage and current available, as well as all PWM, duty cycle and frequency data.

  • Electric Bill

    I went to the Seaward website, but they don’t give prices without submitting a quote request. I’m afraid that probably means their units are expensive

    • Mark Barron, Seaward Group USA

      Happy to discuss options with you Bill, if you can call my office on 813-886-2775 or my cell on 813-731-1033
      Mark Barron
      Business Development Manager