Qmerit to provide home charging installation for Ford Mustang Mach-E customers

EVSE installation specialist Qmerit has teamed up with Ford to offer home charging station installation services.

Ford offers customers two options for at-home charging: the Ford Mobile Charger, a portable Level 1/Level 2 charger; and the Ford Connected Charge Station, a 48-amp hard-wired Level 2 charger with intelligent features and connectivity.

Qmerit operates a network of certified EV charger station installers in North America. The company connects individual and fleet customers with licensed electrical contractors, and has performed over 10,000 EV charger installations in homes and multi-family residences.

Ford’s Mustang Mach-E customers can choose to add a Ford Connected Charge Station to their orders and finance them with the vehicle. They can then contact Qmerit to find certified installers in their area. Qmerit can also arrange outlet installations and panel upgrades when necessary.

“Ford is striving to make the transition to an all-electric lifestyle easy for our customers,” said Matt Stover, Ford’s Director of Charging, Energy Services and Business Development. “With up to 80 percent of charging currently being done at home, a seamless installation process for all Mustang Mach-E at-home charging needs is critical.”

Source: Qmerit


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