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Pickering Interfaces releases battery simulator module that emulates stacks up to 1,000 V

British modular switching and simulation manufacturer Pickering Interfaces has introduced its 41/43-752A-111 battery simulator module, the latest version in its 41/43-752A range. The unit, which features increased voltage isolation of 1,000 V, is specifically designed for EV battery stack emulation in battery management system (BMS) test applications as the EV industry transitions to 800 V architectures.

The new 2-, 4- or 6-channel battery simulators, intended for automotive, aerospace and energy storage applications, occupy a single PXI or PXIe slot and can supply up to 7 V and 300 mA per channel. The channels are fully isolated from ground and each other. The 1 kV isolation barrier allows the module to be used as a lower-power version of a battery stack, like those used for vehicle propulsion.

The simulator’s independent power and sense connections allow it to sense a remote load and correct for wiring losses. It is designed to respond to dynamic loads and can independently read the voltage at the load and the current for each channel. Modules can be combined with other PXI switch and simulation modules from Pickering and other suppliers to create a flexible BMS test system.

Source: Pickering

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