Phillips 66 installs FreeWire’s battery-integrated charger at a Houston gas station

For better or for worse, oil companies are moving into the EV charging industry in a comprehensive way. The latest gas retailer to add public charging to its offerings is Phillips 66, which recently installed DC fast chargers from FreeWire at a gas station near its headquarters in Houston.

FreeWire’s Boost Charger incorporates battery storage, and is designed to deliver high-power charging without the need for expensive upgrades to a site’s grid connection. The Boost Charger’s battery “charges at off-peak times when power is cheaper, reducing operational costs for the site, while still providing the needed capacity to give consumers a rapid charge.”

“As charging demand continues to surge, our battery-integrated chargers offer the streamlined, shovel-ready solution that many entering the EV charging space are looking for,” said Arcady Sosinov, FreeWire founder and CEO.

Phillips 66 operates some 7,000 gas stations in the US, under the Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 brands. Like other oil majors, the company is hedging its bets—it says it has “focused its Emerging Energy and Sustainability business strategy on four pillars: renewable fuels, batteries, carbon capture and hydrogen.”

“The installation of the first FreeWire EV chargers at our Phillips 66 flagship fuel station represents an important step in our EV charging journey as well as our commitment to pursue lower-carbon solutions,” said Rod Palmer, VP of US Marketing. “FreeWire’s charger offers consumers the fast-charging experience they’re looking for, and Phillips 66’s branded network of fueling locations places the chargers at existing, strategically located sites.”

Source: FreeWire Technologies


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