PG&E selects EVBox as hardware provider for workplace and MUD charging network

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has selected EVBox as the first supplier for the utility’s EV Charge Network program.

The EV Charge Network is a program aimed at workplaces and multi-unit dwellings in northern and central California. Through the program, PG&E will pay for and build the infrastructure for customers from the electric grid to the charger.

Customers have two options: they can be an EV Charge Owner or an EV Charge Sponsor.

For EV Charge Owner projects, customers will own, install and maintain the charging station and receive a rebate for part of the cost.

For EV Charge Sponsor projects, PG&E will own, install and maintain the charging station, and customers will pay a participation fee.

“This confirms our position as a true global leader, with an established network of over 55,000 chargers and a strong long term vision on how to accelerate the rEVolution,” said EVBox CEO Kristof Vereenooghe. “Because of this and our extensive experience with large public charging projects – for example 2,000+ public charging stations on the streets of Amsterdam, our financial strength and OCPP experience – we are in a perfect position to support PG&E in moving forward with its clean transportation efforts.”


Source: EVBox

  • sjc_1

    Should be cordless and bluetooth.

    • Hugo Pereira

      In the US, all charging stations have a fixed cord / cable. Since all the cables are the same no US EV driver carries their own cable. Bluetooth can be an option, but most workplace and MUD networks prefer RFID cards for their employees, tenants or guests to ensure a quick charging process. Hope this helps clarifying.

      • sjc_1

        Wireless communication with a cordless charger is more convenient.