Parkopedia’s Park and Charge system streamlines the public charging experience

Parking services provider Parkopedia has introduced a new system designed to help EV owners easily find, manage and pay for charging sessions from within their vehicles.

“Parking and charging are interconnected experiences,” Parkopedia points out. “A car must be parked to charge. Only a solution that successfully combines both services can create the complete user experience required by drivers. With an existing database of 70 million parking spaces globally, Parkopedia’s high-quality data will provide a unique and comprehensive service of parking and charging.”

The company’s new Park and Charge service is designed to help drivers find chargers, including those located within indoor facilities out of reach of GPS, and to enable in-vehicle charger activation and payment, regardless of service provider.

Parkopedia aims to bridge the gap between parking providers and charging providers. The company launched in-car parking payments in 2014 in partnership with Volvo. Earlier this year, it announced a payment platform that includes other products and services, including fueling, tolls and now, EV charging.

“Our current parking data and payment services means we are ideally situated within the industry to tackle the huge task of simplifying the EV charging network for drivers,” said Parkopedia founder and CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich. “With Park and Charge, we have created a service that not only solves the pain points for existing EV drivers, but provides automakers with the necessary elements to entice further drivers into electric vehicles.”

Source: Parkopedia


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