Oregon city offers $100 incentive to install home charging station

The city of Ashland, Oregon is offering a $100 incentive for the installation of an EV charging station in new homes. Only homes built to Earth Advantage or Energy Star program standards are eligible for the payment.

Local resident Laura Lawrence is currently building an energy-efficient home, complete with solar panels that she hopes will provide close to 100 percent of her electricity needs, and is thinking about claiming the incentive. “I’m trying to go as green as possible,” she said. “I would like to have an electric vehicle as a runabout car. Living on a hill uses a lot of gas.”

Adam Hanks, a Management Analyst for the city, points out that residents with solar panels are in a good position to buy EVs. Using excess electricity to run their vehicles works out to a better deal than selling power back to the local utility at wholesale rates.


Source: Daily Tidings


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