Nuvve and Swell Energy partner to offer combined solar, storage and smart charging solution

Energy platform provider Nuvve (Nasdaq: NVVE) has partnered with grid services company Swell Energy to develop a system that will allow EVs to participate in Swell’s virtual power plant (VPP) network. Together, the companies aim to advance distributed energy resource (DER) management technology in both residential and commercial markets.

The idea is to enable residential customers to combine battery storage, solar and smart EV charging into a comprehensive home energy system. Nuvve’s cloud-based software platform, GIVe (Grid Integrated Vehicle), enables bidirectional vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging, transforming EVs into DERs that can provide grid services and grid-connected building load management. Swell’s GridAmp DER management system delivers grid services to the utilities in its virtual power plant networks, and offers utility customers payments for participating in the VPPs.

As an initial target of the partnership, 2 MW of capacity from existing Swell utility contracts will be made available for Nuvve to access in 2022. The companies also plan to offer services to owners of commercial buildings and commercial EV fleets.

“Integrating intelligent EV charging operations into Swell’s smart home energy system is a necessary next step in bridging to an increasingly electrified future where customers have greater control of their assets, opportunities to transact with the power grid, and have dependable energy resources available around the clock,” said Suleman Khan, CEO of Swell Energy.

“By working with Swell to integrate with solar and stationary storage, we are creating a comprehensive solution for our commercial customers and expanding Nuvve’s business to the residential market, including single-family homes,” said Gregory Poilasne, CEO and Chairman of Nuvve.

Source: Nuvve

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