NovaCharger NC-5000 charging stations are built for branding

NovaCharge NC-5000

By no means all EVSE manufacturers are located in California. NovaCharge, founded in 2008, makes its home in Florida’s Tampa Bay region.

The company’s new NC-5000 line of chargers features a compact design with a customizable front panel that’s designed to enable businesses to showcase their brands to customers and employees.

This Level 2 charger is built for heavy usage in all weathers, with a rugged housing and a hardened rubber charging gun. It is available in both wall- and pole-mount configurations.

NovaCharge NC-5000

“The NC-5000 line is the perfect solution for businesses, hotels and similar organizations wanting to offer complimentary charging as an amenity to their customers and employees,” said Helda Rodriguez, President of NovaCharge. “It is also a differentiator, allowing businesses to brand these chargers, while promoting their commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) has installed four NC-5000 charging stations in its short-term parking lot. Charging is complimentary for airport customers.

“We selected the NC-5000 due its compact design and the ability to customize it to include SRQ branding,” said SRQ CEO Rick Piccolo.  “Providing these charging stations further supports our initiatives in integrating sustainability throughout the airport.”


Source: NovaCharge


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