Nissan tests LEAF to Home power system

Nissan Leaf-to-Home

Nissan has begun testing its LEAF to Home power supply system, which aims to use EV technology to help power grids cope with peaks in demand, provide power during natural disasters, and make electricity from renewable sources more viable.

Energy management firm Eneres is conducting the tests, using LEAF EVs at several Nissan sales outlets.

Nissan launched the LEAF to Home system in 2012, and has donated 47 of the systems to local communities in Japan for use as backup power sources.

Nissan Leaf To Home

Demand response, a scheme under which power companies pay aggregators to institute energy conservation measures, has been an important topic in Japan since the March 2011 earthquake the supply and demand of electricity during peak use hours in Japan has drawn attention. By using the storage capacity of EVs and Vehicle to Home (V2H) systems, consumers can reduce their use of power at peak times without turning off lights and appliances. This is particularly useful in commercial establishments where it is difficult to turn power off to save electricity.


Source: Nissan

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