Nissan evaluates fast charging network in California

Nissan LEAF EV Fast Charger

The New Energy Industrial Technology and Development Organization (NEDO), a Japanese R&D organization, has partnered with Nissan and the Kanematsu Corporation to perform a study of EV use patterns in Northern California.

With the help of the California state government, and charging network operator NRG eVgo, the companies will install quick chargers at suitable locations along intercity freeways. Nissan and Kanematsu will collect and analyze usage information. Nissan is now selling the LEAF in some 40 countries, and its Global Data Center is collecting data to paint a broad picture of worldwide EV driving and charging patterns.

Nissan CA Fast Charging

Kanematsu will provide real-time information services to EV users, and investigate potential business applications for EV-related real-time data.


Source: Nissan via Green Car Congress