New US-Europe Interoperability Center will promote EV-smart grid cooperation

The interaction between smart grids and EVs is expected to be a key part of the transition to electric mobility. The grid of the future will provide two-way communication between suppliers and consumers, responding to the actions of all users and ensuring efficient, sustainable power systems with low losses and high security.

Promoting common standards in electric mobility and smart grids on both sides of the Atlantic is the goal of the Electric Vehicle-Smart Grid Interoperability Center that was recently inaugurated at the DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago. Companion centers will open in the Netherlands and Italy in 2014.

The new centers are the result of a cooperative effort between the JRC, the European Commission’s science service, and the US DOE. It’s all part of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership currently being negotiated by the EU and the US, which is intended to reduce differences in technical regulations, standards and certifications.

The new center will focus on three key areas:

  • Establishing requirements and test procedures to assess EV-EVSE compatibility;
  • Developing and verifying connectivity technologies, communication protocols and standards; and
  • Identifying gaps where new standards or technologies are needed.


Source: DOE, EU


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