New study: 10 percent EV penetration could shift utility’s entire peak load

Electric utilities around the world are exploring the potential of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems, which can reduce peak loads by using EV batteries to store renewably generated energy during the day and discharge it during peak consumption periods in the evenings.

A new study from Jackson Associates analyzed 5,000 Southern California Edison (SCE) customers’ hourly loads and commuting behavior, and concluded that, if just 10% of them had EVs hooked up to a V2G system, the utility could shift its entire residential peak load to nighttime hours (as reported by Utility Dive).

The study found that using vehicle batteries to reduce peak residential load could save SCE as much as $560 per EV customer per year. “We were surprised both at the relatively small 10 percent EV market saturation required to completely clip the SCE residential peak and the large annual savings…even after paying for nighttime recharging,” Jackson Associates President Jerry Jackson told Utility Dive.

The findings support the conclusions of a recent report from the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), which predicted that increased EV deployment could result in a “trillion-dollar EV opportunity for prepared and proactive utilities.”

Source: Utility Dive

  • Gee fis

    more of the good old boy club that are afraid to do anything. they want to keep rapping there costumers. and yes they are being paid by big oil

  • Paul

    Just about anything coming out of Sacramento, California needs EXTRA scrutiny, but not this nonsense . . . and they can do as many inbred taxpayer-funded “studies” as they like. Indeed, the whole V2G fairy tale is, for those paying attention, an outright admission that utility rhetoric about “sustainable”this-or-that is beyond merely farcical, all the way to an outright fraud. Wind mills and solar panels are NOT sustainable, in the context of merely a non EV future. But with EVs as inevitable, and at far more than “10%,” the only way to a truly mid-to-long term sustainable future is nuclear. I received a standing ovation in Shanghai telling that BASIC truth:

    And the recent meeting in Brussels means that even the EU is coming around on true sustainability:

    • JDBurch

      Some people just can’t stand it when someone else’s drum sounds louder than their own. Don’t detract from their solutions to ‘save the world’ or they will surely attack you.

  • SJC

    This makes sense, peak plants are inefficient and polluting.

    • Paul

      ‘Makes ZERO “sense,” and has no connection to a rational future. And I have already covered the “new” polemical vernacular routine . . . these people have fooled no one . . . their adolescent word game of labeling the main supply of yesterday’s and today’s electrical energy to the grid (natural gas, fuel oil, coal and, of course nuclear) as “peaker plants” (at least get the label correct). That routine is meant to deride and belittle and divert the innocent for the FACT that for DECADES those plants have supplied human civilization with the energy needed to make our lives worthy of the descriptor ‘civilized,’ as opposed to Malthusian. Consider yourselves exposed.

      The implied notion in this SJC post, that wind and solar are “sustainable” and non-pollution is beyond farcical. And of course I have already covered THAT issue. Is this SJC going to assert that modern nuclear power plants (net of Stuxnet, etc.) are “inefficient and polluting” HOW SO EXACTLY? Is he/she going to assert the same ‘vested interest’ goo about SMRs?! But perhaps I am being too subtle . . . my use of the term ‘vested interest’ should sound the alarms.

      In any case it is only a matter of time, as more and more EVs are made available to the public, and the concurrent stress INCREASES are placed on a rancid decrepit grid (ESPECIALLY IN SJC’s favorite State of California ala this article’s sycophantisms), that the labeling routines of vested interests (in solar and wind in-particular), and their con-artist-based control of lawyers and philosophy majors (i.e. politicians, so-called public servants, etc.) will come to a crashing end. Good riddance!

      Save your adolescent labeling games for those born yesterday; my coverage of that goo, of over a year ago in Shanghai, China, on pages 9 thru 16, ala page 12 here:

      • SJC


        • Paul

          Not blocked.

  • More2bits

    Not going to happen when all the utility companies are fighting V2G viciously especially in big coal states like Utah and Wyoming. They prefer to have gas as a backup and not homes with solar and storage. They offer almost zero incentives to bring V2G into these corrupted Republican states.