Navigant: Market for EVSE communications tech will grow to $710 million by 2024

BMW i3 Charging Station (Charged EVs)

It’s increasingly clear that EV charging equipment (like everything else in our lives, it seems) needs to be connected to the mighty Cloud. Connectivity enables not only remote control and monitoring, but also utility-driven demand response capabilities.

The growing market for EVSE supports an ecosystem of associated communications equipment and services. A new report from Navigant Research analyzes this market, describing the major categories of communications tech used in EVSE networks, as well as the key vendors and utilities active in the field.

The report, Communications Technologies for EV Charging Networks, explains the connectivity requirements for four types of charging sites: residential, workplace, public, and private/fleet.

According to Navigant, EVSE-related communications equipment and services will generate global revenue of $62.8 million in 2015, which will grow to more than $709.7 million in 2024.

“EV charging networks represent another element of the burgeoning Internet of Energy,” says Navigant Principal Research Analyst Richelle Elberg. “Increasingly, car charging stations are expected to be connected by communications technologies – typically some combination of cellular and near-area connectivity solutions like RFID and WiFi.”


Source: Navigant Research

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