Momentum Dynamics to deliver 200 kW wireless charging systems for Martha’s Vineyard buses

The Vineyard Transit Authority (VTA) has approved the purchase of high-power wireless charging systems from Momentum Dynamics to support electric transit buses.  VTA serves the community of Martha’s Vineyard, and is the first transit agency in Massachusetts to announce a plan to convert all its diesel buses to electric.

Momentum Dynamics’ wireless charging systems will be retrofitted to the first 10 BYD e-buses in VTA’s fleet.

Three co-located 200 kW wireless charging systems will be installed at the Church Street Visitors Center in Edgartown in time for the island’s 2019 tourist season. Smart charging capabilities, along with 250-500 kWh battery storage systems, will enable VTA to manage utility load during wireless charging.

As VTA transitions to a fully electric bus fleet, en route charging sites will be added, each supported by energy storage. En route charging equipment installed in the roadway allows buses to be recharged several times a day during scheduled stops. In as little as five minutes, the buses can receive enough energy to power a complete circulation loop.

“Our high-power inductive charging system is the key to extending the driving range of battery electric vehicles,” said Momentum’s CEO Andrew Daga. “The main impediment to the adoption of electric buses is their limited driving range, and this is the solution to that problem. Our platform technology crosses industry boundaries to include automotive, industrial, commercial and mass transit. From 50 to 300 kW, our resonant magnetic induction system transfers hundreds of kilowatts of power with high efficiency in any type of weather.”


Source: Momentum Dynamics

  • freedomev

    So how are they going to get rid of the 20-30kw of heat it will generate? And do they want to pay for , waste 10-15% more of their energy?
    A simple slot that an arm drops down to plug in is far cheaper, more efficient. And unplugs, retracts as you pull away.

  • Park to Spark, Inc.

    Any idea of cost to install such a great power system?

  • Stuart McColl

    Wireless charging is a ridiculous scam … indeed a fraud. Everywhere you look at wireless there were/are millions being pumped down holes that go nowhere but inefficiency and loss. I’m a Tesla owner and fan of electric buses … there are automatically connecting conductive options out there … let’s execute on those options.