Mercedes Wallbox home charger adds more power and fleet-friendly features

Mercedes-Benz has added more power and new features to its Wallbox home charging station. The new version offers up to 22 kW of power, and makes it possible to control various functions from a smartphone, including charging control, user management and consumption overview.

The new Wallbox comes in three versions: the basic Wallbox Home, the internet-capable Wallbox Advanced and the Wallbox Twin for charging two vehicles at once. It will be available in Europe from summer 2018, and in “more than 40 other markets” later.

The Advanced and Twin Wallboxes are internet-capable, and include built-in electricity meters and RFID access control. This makes it possible to manage several vehicles for different users, a handy feature for fleets, as well as for office communities or apartment buildings. Local load management enables intelligent sharing of charging power by up to 14 additional Wallboxes, alleviating the need for expensive upgrades to existing power connections.


Source: Daimler


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