Los Angeles County deploys 82 new public charging stations

Los Angeles County has deployed 82 Schneider Electric EVlink charging stations at 34 locations, including hospitals, sheriff stations and the Los Angeles Civic Center. During the first year of the pilot program, charging will be free for up to four hours.

“There has been tremendous progress by car makers to socialize buying of electric vehicles, but in order to drive cultural change and mainstream EV adoption, it is critical to build out the charging infrastructure to provide drivers with quick and convenient charging options when and where they need it,” said Mike Calise, Senior Director of Electric Vehicle Solutions, Schneider Electric. “LA County is leading the way in providing their communities with EV charging solutions. We hope other counties will take this lead and pursue similar projects, since the sum of multiple county involvements will create a tipping point for the state.”

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“We chose Schneider Electric EVlink because it was cost-effective, durable, easy to install, scalable, and driver-friendly,” said LA County spokesperson Marie Nunez. “These were partnered with Liberty PlugIn, to provide enterprise controls with open-source technology for monitoring the utilization at all the EV stations.”


Source: Schneider Electric


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