Lonestar Specialty Vehicles partners with In-Charge Energy to offer turnkey fleet charging solutions

Lonestar Specialty Vehicles has partnered with Los Angeles-based In-Charge Energy to offer customers turnkey energy and charging solutions for fleet conversion to EVs.

Texas-based Lonestar is a supplier of fully electric remanufactured commercial vehicles. The company has deployed more than 3,000 Class 8 trucks and tractors. Its mission is to provide an alternative to internal combustion-powered terminal tractors (tractors that serve ports, logistics centers and industrial facilities). Observing the amount of downtime customers were encountering with Tier 4 emissions equipment was the driving force behind the development of Lonestar SV’s Reman line of electric terminal tractors. The company deployed its first electric T22 in November, 2019.

Together with In-Charge Energy, Lonestar will now offer end-to-end turnkey solutions that include EV charging infrastructure as a service.

“When electrifying a fleet, our customers have new operational and budgetary considerations to make, that often require an innovative solution,” said Lonestar General Manager Blake Yazel. “It is critical that we provide solutions for any obstacle our customers might face in their sustainability goals. Our mission is to provide zero-emission solutions that are hassle-free, value-added, every time, for every customer. Our partnership with In-Charge Energy allows us to provide a turnkey solution and ultimately make the transition to zero emissions seamless for fleets.”

Source: In-Charge Energy


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