KEBA and Easelink work to develop automated hands-free conductive charging for EVs at home

Easelink makes a hands-free, automated conductive charging system that is in operation at taxi stands in the company’s native Austria. Earlier this year, Easelink demonstrated its Matrix Charging technology to US industry players.

Now Easelink is collaborating with a fellow Austrian firm called KEBA, an EV charger manufacturer that has sold over 500,000 wallboxes around the world, to bring automated charging to the home EV charging market.

Easelink’s Matrix Charging system is an automated conductive (not wireless) charging solution that consists of a vehicle unit and a stationary unit (charging pad) on the parking space. The system fully automates the charging process, eliminating the need for a charging cable.

KEBA and Easelink are now working on the next product generation of Matrix Charging. As part of the cooperation, the companies will offer Matrix Charging to both new and existing customers as an additional charging option alongside the classic cable of KEBA wallboxes.

“KEBA’s many years of industry expertise and deep-seated competence, ranging from electronic development to manufacturing, strengthens the position of the Matrix Charging technology as a future interoperable charging standard,” said Easelink COO Gregor Eckhard.

“The Easelink technology has impressed KEBA with the high level of convenience it offers to users of electric vehicles, and it complements our portfolio of intelligent charging solutions,” said KEBA Energy Automation CTO Gerhard Weidinger. “The automation of the charging process and the almost continuous connection between the electric car and the home electrical system offers tremendous potential. This is especially true with regard to optimizing charging to take advantage of excess PV power, assisting in grid stabilization and enabling bidirectional charging under the heading of vehicle-to-home (V2H).”

Source: Easelink

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