Indiana gas station chain installs DC fast chargers (UPDATED)

Nissan LEAF EV Fast Charger

Public EV chargers are popping up at all kinds of locations, including, of all places, gas stations. Convenience store chain Ricker Oil has installed nine DC fast chargers at locations in central Indiana.

Ricker partnered with the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition and Nissan, which offers two years of free public charging to LEAF buyers through its No Charge to Charge program. The stations are part of the Greenlots network.

[Correction 4/1/15 4:00 PM EST: A previous version of this article stated that the DC fast chargers were part of NRG’s eVgo network. In fact, all Ricker Oil DC fast chargers and the station at Gate Petroleum in Florida are on the Greenlots network.]

“Whatever the future of fuel is, Ricker’s will be here to dispense it to our loyal, Hoosier customer base,” said CEO Quinn Ricker. “Through our partnership with Nissan, we are thrilled to be able to provide electric-charging stations at no cost and be among the largest providers of electric-charging stations in America.”

Indianapolis has taken a number of pro-EV measures, including a plan to convert the city’s non-police fleet to plug-ins by 2025. “In Indianapolis, we are taking bold steps to reduce our city’s oil dependence,” said Mayor Greg Ballard. “Growing our citywide network of EV charging stations is important as we transition the city’s entire fleet off foreign oil and work with residents to increase their access to electric vehicles.”

Could Ricker’s move be part of a coming trend? Gate Petroleum recently installed a Nissan DC Fast Charger at a Gate convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida. A Jack Flash gas station in Effingham, Illinois has announced plans to install six Tesla charging stations.



  • jstack6

    great, they can use this for the IndyBlue electric car rental program that has been help up waiting for a few public charge locations. If they don’t do it there many they will come to the Phoenix area since we have 550 Public EVSE charge locations already in place.

  • Mitchell Dickler

    In Maryland, Royal Farm Stores have agreed to install 15 quick charger across the state. These gas/ convenience stores are a perfect place for a 30 minute quick charge. Come on 7-11, join the party!!