Icelandic company to install 200 charging stations

The Icelandic company EVEN plans to install 200 EV charging stations around the country, and has already purchased the equipment, according to Iceland Review

Iceland’s government has released a plan that calls for 10 percent of cars to be powered by sustainable fuels by 2020. However, Gísli Gíslasson of EVEN told the local newspaper Fréttatíminn that not enough is being done to achieve this goal, so the company has taken the initiative to install the chargers on its own.

“In Norway work is being done to reach this goal every day, and that’s why electric cars are common there. We couldn’t wait for the government and decided to do our part in this,” Gíslasson said.

Close followers of the EV scene may remember Gíslasson, the “crazy Viking” who went to great lengths to import the first LEAFs and Model S into Iceland in 2013.

Like Norway, Iceland offers generous incentives to EV buyers, including free electricity, free parking, exemption from tolls and tax discounts. A local electric utility recently installed the seventh of ten planned public chargers at a motorway rest stop.

EVEN plans to start setting up its stations this summer and complete installation by the end of the year. “The dream is that it will be free to charge your car and that people can drive anywhere in Iceland without paying for fuel,” Gíslasson said.


Source: Iceland Review
Image: Nicolas Raymond/Flickr

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