Hyundai Home offers one-stop marketplace for EV chargers, solar and storage

Automakers are starting to realize the importance of offering their own branded EV chargers in order to ensure a good home charging experience for their customers. Furthermore, solar panels and stationary storage are natural companion products, and as Apple (and later Tesla) demonstrated, there’s much to be said for offering an integrated ecosystem of products and services.

In this spirit, Hyundai is now offering Hyundai Home, a system designed to give homeowners “an easy way to produce, store, and use their own energy.”

Hyundai has partnered with Electrum to develop “a one-stop online marketplace” for solar panels, energy storage systems, EV chargers and local installers. Hyundai Home is now available through Hyundai dealerships in 16 states.

At the Hyundai Home Marketplace, customers can purchase their home charger, and connect with an “Energy Advisor” who can answer questions about solar, storage and other energy system options, and help determine the right fit for customers’ home energy needs. Customers will receive three installation bids per project, sourced from Electrum’s network of electricians. Hyundai and the Electrum Energy Advisor will provide customer service throughout the ownership experience.

“Last year, we introduced Hyundai Home as a proof of concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show and the response was outstanding,” said Olabisi Boyle, VP of Product Planning and Mobility Strategy for Hyundai Motor North America. “Hyundai Home is now live and is ready to help customers make a seamless transition to sustainable living.”

“We’ve built a world-class experience for consumers and can’t wait to see their excitement when they realize how easy we’ve made their clean energy transition,” said Electrum CEO Max Aram.

Source: Hyundai

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