Honda developing dynamic charging system that works at speeds up to 96 mph

dynamic wireless charging

At the upcoming SAE World Congress Experience, a team from Honda R&D will present a paper entitled “Study of High Power Dynamic Charging System,” which describes their work on a dynamic charging system that uses high power to charge a moving EV, with the goal of realizing an unlimited vehicle range.

The current study is a follow-up to a paper, “Study of a Dynamic Charging System for Achievement of Unlimited Cruising Range in EV,” presented by members of the team at the SAE 2015 World Congress, via Green Car Congress.

The system enables dynamic charging with a charging power of 180 kW (DC 600 V, 300 A) while driving at a speed of up to 96 mph. The paper presents the results of running tests and discusses future prospects.

“Major issues facing EVs include range, charging (hassle, time, construction of infrastructure) and reduced driving performance due to increased vehicle weight,” said co-author Takamitsu Tajima. “Technology [that can] supply power and perform charging while driving (dynamic charging) is being researched and developed as a means of addressing such issues.”


Source: Green Car Congress


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