Heliox fast chargers power New Zealand’s first 10 electric double-decker buses.

Netherlands-based Heliox will supply fast charging for 10 electric double-decker buses that are to go into service in Wellington, New Zealand in July. The new e-buses, operated by local transit agency Tranzit, will be joined by another 10 in 2020 and another 12 in 2021.

Heliox’s charging network includes a CCS plug-in system for depot charging and a roof-mounted pantograph system for en route charging. The system uses open-source OCPP back-office communication, combining data from the infrastructure and the bus fleet.

Heliox will provide eight chargers to the project: five DC 2×30 kW Twin Chargers; two OC 450 kW ultra-fast chargers; and one DC 25 kW Mobile Charger with a plug-in option for ultimate flexibility in the workshop.

Heliox’s fast charging infrastructure will initially cover 9 bus routes across the Wellington region. The 82-seat double-deckers will be fully charged overnight at the depot using the Heliox Fast DC 2×30 kW twin chargers, and will top up their batteries during the day using the OC 450 kW opportunity chargers.

Heliox’s OC 450 kW charger can recharge a battery in 2-5 minutes. According to the company, these chargers are compatible with all brands and models of electric buses that use opportunity charging.

“Heliox’s experience and proven robust charging infrastructure was a key factor in our decision-making process,” said Keven Snelgrove, Transport and Operations Director for Tranzit Group. “The charging stations are very discreet and will be placed strategically on our routes for greater range around Wellington.”

“This project is a great example of how Heliox’s open technology supports bus operations with different suppliers all over the world,” said Bob Bouhuijs, Director Automotive at Heliox.


Source: Heliox



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