Grocery stores adding EV charging to their baskets

Chargepoint CVS 2

EV charging is becoming a trendy new amenity that businesses can offer to attract customers and make them stay a bit longer – but what kinds of businesses can benefit? Grocery stores could be likely candidates – doing the weekly shopping usually takes long enough that one could add enough charge to get back home or run the next errand.

Network operator ChargePoint already has over 2,000 grocery store charging locations in 45 states in its network. Regional and national grocery chains using ChargePoint include Harris Teeter and Fred Meyer.

ChargePoint offers several features designed to help grocery stores get the most out of their charging stations. The Connections feature allows stores to connect with EV drivers who use their stations and extend special offers such as coupons. Drivers can use the ChargePoint app to see current station status and popular charging times, and also to recommend a favorite store where they’d like to see a charging station installed.


Source: ChargePoint

  • John Trotter

    This sounds like a good idea. Let’s find a way to get this idea to Ralphs, which offers (and makes a big deal of) Fuel Points, but has nothing comparable for those of us with BEVs.

    • Electric Bill


      About 18 months ago, I wrote to Ralphs, Carl’s Jr., Starbucks, Home Depot, Costco and other retailers in So Cal, thanking them for the charging stations they have already installed, and urging them to expand charging to every retail outlet they have. Maybe it’s about time to write them again. I suggest that you do the same.

      The reason I write the ones that already have EV charging is because they show that they do not have a policy or prejudice against EV chargers.

      I belong to the EVA (Electric Vehicle Assn.), and I plan to bring that issue up during our next meeting.

  • jstack6

    In our area Fry’s Kroker has blink chargers that are very poor and cost a lot. They give free fuel points for gas but none for electric. A few stares have DC Fast chargers but no L2 for hybrids and all regular electrics. They just don’t understand.

  • Gilly Lacey

    I presume this is for the US…When you say regional and national don’t forget you have an international audience.
    We in the UK have the same issues with patchy supply of charge points at supermarkets, but our supermarkets have different names. although the shops are nationwide chains, charge point supply seems to depend on the local authority in the area.

  • brenno

    This is starting to happen more and more in Australia thankfully…we need more businesses to publicise and support the Growth of EV’s because our government isn’t!

  • jstack6

    I have written many time to Fry’s grocery (Kroger in other states) in Arizona. But they offer gas FUEL points but not electric points so we could get a free charge. The units they have are slow and expensive, 5 kW rate and $2.40 an hour. So it’s about gas prices but sloooowww.