Greenlots and Hawaiian Electric demonstrate fast charger with storage and vehicle-grid integration

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Greenlots and Hawaiian Electric Company have collaborated to demonstrate a fast charger that incorporates Greenlots’ SKY vehicle-grid integration (VGI) platform, as well as stationary storage.

The Greenlots SKY Smart Charging platform, which uses OpenADR and the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), can respond to demand response load modification requests and allow Hawaiian Electric to remotely control grid loads through demand response actions.

The new charging station, located at an Oahu shopping mall, has a battery storage system that stores electricity when generation is abundant, such as at midday when rooftop solar panels are active, then releases it during evening peak use times.

Hawaiian Electric plans to install a similar fast charging system at its Ward Avenue facility next month.

“With our state’s 100-percent renewable portfolio goals, we are working to support the build-out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to provide EV drivers with range confidence,” said Hawaiian Electric Senior VP Jim Alberts. “In conjunction with VLI-EV Partners, Greenlots helped provide a demand-side management system to meet our evolving power grid needs. An advantage of the Greenlots open standards system is that it can be used with a variety of fast chargers built by different companies.”

“Increasingly, utilities are looking toward open standards-based charging to be utilized in energy management strategies,” said Brett Hauser, CEO of Greenlots. “This storage-backed fast charge initiative with Hawaiian Electric offers vast opportunities to support EV mobility while managing energy loads more reliably as the industry expands.”


Source: Greenlots

  • Jay Donnaway

    Hoo-ya! Does this installation also allow the mall to set their own power-selling parameters in order to reduce peak demand fees?

  • jstack6

    Is VGI similar to V2G using the capacity of the EV during Peaks and charging back that amount off peak while always leaving enough for the trip home?

  • GreenTV

    Over 4-decades with V2G, V On site, Vehicle storage. In my humble, story seems incomplete.