Go Eve secures US patent for its multi-EV charging DockChain technology

Anglo-Irish EV charging firm Go Eve has secured a US patent for its DockChain technology. This marks a milestone for the company, which is preparing to enter the US market in early 2024.

Go Eve’s DockChain solution enables an existing EV charger to serve multiple vehicles. The patent encompasses various charging systems, including both Level 2 AC and DC fast charging, as well as future applications such as wireless and bidirectional charging.

DockChain enables an extendable daisy chain of compact terminals, each serving a single parking bay. A software protocol facilitates the sequential connection of each vehicle to the power source charger and manages priorities in a virtual queue. Customers can choose to manage the charging sequence in several ways: first-come first-served; charging the most depleted batteries first; or using a booking system.

Go Eve will initially introduce its technology by applying it to DC fast chargers. The goal is make the cost comparable to that of Level 2 AC charging, especially when implemented on a large scale.

“DockChain is ideal for large fleets and destination car parks—anywhere where there’s a bit of vehicle dwell time and the benefit of being able to fast charge in any space,” said John Goodbody, co-founder and Marketing Director of Go Eve. “DockChain complements existing charger manufacturers, providing a solution to extend their DC chargers. With this key patent and expected US electrical certification next quarter, we’re poised for an impactful entry in Q1 2024.”

Earlier this year, Go Eve secured £3 million in its first funding round, bringing its total valuation to £12.6 million.

Source: Go Eve


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