Geneva electric buses use ABB flash charging technology

TOSA ABB Electric Bus

The Swiss city of Geneva plans to deploy 12 electric buses that use a high-power flash charging system provided by ABB. The city began a pilot of the system in 2013.

The new e-buses will be built by Swiss manufacturer HESS, using several components from ABB, including integrated traction and auxiliary converters, roof-mounted battery units and energy transfer systems and permanent magnet traction motors. When fully commissioned in 2018, the e-buses will run on Line 23, connecting suburban Geneva with the airport.

ABB will deliver 13 flash charging stations, capable of topping up the batteries in 15 seconds at 600 kW, along the route, as well as three terminal and four depot stations.

TOSA ABB Electric Bus

Stationary storage located near the charging stations flattens out demand, reducing the required current by up to 10 times. This reduces the size of the power supply required and avoids stressing the grid.

A 4- to 5-minute charge at 400 kW at the terminus fully recharges the batteries. The terminal charger consists of an IGBT-based rectifier that is able to maintain output voltage at a desired level independent of fluctuations on the AC network. A third type of charger is used at the depot, where a longer charge is applied.

ABB TOSA Bus 15-second flash charging


Source: ABB 


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