GenCell’s off-grid EV charging solution uses alkaline fuel cells, hydrogen and ammonia

Israeli firm GenCell Energy has launched GenCell EVOX, a new off-grid EV charging solution that uses alkaline fuel cells, hydrogen and ammonia.

GenCell’s EVOX is designed to be deployed in locations where grid connectivity is inadequate. The technology is currently is service at several commercial parking projects in Israel.

The company says its EVOX hydrogen fuel cell solution can service up to ten 75 kW DC fast chargers. It can store up to 920 kWh as hydrogen, and another 372-500 kWh in an “energy storage device.”

“The EVOX can be deployed quickly anywhere, it’s scalable, and it will go a long way towards eliminating range anxiety for EV drivers,” said CEO Rami Reshef. “EVOX brings triple the value to our customers—not only off-grid power for EV charging stations, but also backup power in case of outages as well as power to sell to [the] grid in the event of peak load demands.”

Source: GenCell Energy


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