Fuji to offer DC fast chargers in US market

Fuji Electric Corporation of America announced Friday that it will begin selling DC fast charging stations in the US, beginning this summer. The company has already deployed over 300 of its chargers in other markets around the world. A company spokesman offered an interesting new twist on the nascent charger segment as he compared it to one of Fuji’s core businesses: vending machines.

“Having a parent company that manufactures over 500 vending machines each day offered us a unique perspective on the EV industry that most other manufacturers overlook,” says Larry Butkovich, Fuji’s General Manager of EV Systems. “Although the comparison to gas stations is a natural one, the analysis of vending machine technology has provided us with valuable insight to billing network development, product designs, and most importantly, manufacturing efficiencies. In order to succeed in this industry, EV Charging manufacturers will have to invest heavily in R&D to offer consumers the latest technologies, while achieving volume efficiencies to reduce product prices—a critical combination that Fuji Electric has been successfully balancing for nearly a century. ”

Fuji will initially market its 25-kW DC chargers to retail owners, fleet managers, and local municipalities – offering customers an 80% recharged in approximately 60 minutes. The UL-rated chargers are compliant with CHAdeMO standards.


Image: Fuji


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