FreeWire’s battery-integrated Boost Charger maximizes charging power while minimizing load on the grid

FreeWire Technologies, a pioneer of flexible charging solutions, has deployed a new type of battery-integrated fast charger at an ampm fuel retailer and convenience store in Lodi, California.

FreeWire’s Boost Charger uses an integrated battery as a buffer, allowing it to deliver high power output without stressing the local power supply.

Boost Charger, which supports both CHAdeMO and CCS connectors, is designed to easily connect with a commercial location’s existing infrastructure, allowing the system to be installed in hours without requiring an expensive new power supply. “Boost Charger can be powered from a single-phase connection and installed in places that previously could not support higher power demand,” says FreeWire.

“Fueling stations and convenience stores have had very few options to provide EV charging until now,” said FreeWire CEO Arcady Sosinov. “With Boost Charger, EV drivers can get 100 miles of range in 10 minutes, and businesses can drive more revenue from new visitors to their store—all at a dramatically lower cost.”

“We are always seeking ways to provide new, innovative services for our customers,” said ampm COO Kevin Kapala. “Offering ultrafast electric vehicle charging at our ampm stores supports our brand promise of delivering ultimate convenience.”

The first Boost Charger site is located along two major highways in California’s Central Valley. FreeWire expects to expand to additional locations over the next two years. The ampm chain includes over 1,000 stores in five states, and is owned by BP (which is also a major investor in FreeWire).

Source: FreeWire Technologies


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